Article: Sno-Way 29R Series Snow Plow

The Sno-Way® 29R Series snow plow is available at Bison Snow Plows and is an expandable wing
box plow that was designed to fits heavy duty half ton to one ton trucks.

If you are looking for a flexible snow plow, with the greatest snow moving capacity, a plow without
limitations, this is it! Whether it is mounted to a Chevy Silverado 2500, a Ram 2500, a Ford F250, a
Dodge 2500 or the GMC Sierra 2500 the Sno-Way® 29R Series has no trouble standing out in a crowd. The Sno-Way® 29R Series was built upon the 29HD series commercial plow platform so you know it has
all the characteristics of an extreme duty snow plow.

Sno-Way 29R Series Snow Plow

The patented Sno-Way dual-hinge plow design allows the operator to move up to 4.8 cubic yards of snow, twice what its nearest competitor’s
expandable plow or V plow can handle! The wings can be controlled independently or together going from a straight plow to a box plow in
seconds. With seven possible plow configurations the Sno-Way® 29R Series is one very versatile snow plow.

No other plow on the planet provides this much flexibility or this much control in one package. Scraping, back dragging, pushing, windrowing,
scooping, moving, capturing, pushing and cleaning all with the ultimate in efficiency. Read More >>

The Patented Sno-Way Down Pressure® Hydraulic System increases snow moving capacity another 30% making this the ultimate snow clearing
machine. A cleaner pass means less salt and that goes right to your bottom line.

The Sno-Way® 29R Series Specifications:
Blade width is 106 inches, angled width is 92" with a 29" blade height. Weighing in at 705 lbs (not including sub frame), with a 3/8 inch by 6 inch
Pro Proprietary Steel cutting edge. 7 support ribs with the Sno-Way Drive in Mount. Shock Killer and Down Pressure System come standard.
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Match this plow with the optional Sno-Way Pro-Control II for wired or wireless plow control. The Sno-Way Pro-Control II provides the plow
operator with three Macro controls giving the skilled operator a memory function that can be set for any repeated operations.
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The Sno-Way® 29R Series as well as the entire Sno-Way line of truck snow plows and salt spreaders are available at the Bison
Fleet Complex located at: 1615 William St • Buffalo, NY • 14206 • Phone: (716) 894-5799



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