Article: Sno-Way Revolution HD Series Snow Plow

The Revolution™ HD Series Snow Plow, available at Bison Snow Plows has been designed to provide
maximum snow moving flexibility and capacity for 3/4 ton trucks or larger.

The Revolution™ HD Series is a 10 foot wide, 29 inch tall snow plow that is designed to move more
snow even in the most difficult situations for the most demanding professionals.

The patented expandable wing, box plow design has two 13 1/2” independently moveable,
hydraulically powered wings that are fully controllable with seven different possible configurations.

Sno-Way Revolution HD Snow Plow

In seconds the Revolution™ HD Series Snow Plow can go from a standard 8 foot straight plow, to a 10 foot extended wing plow, or an extended wing
20 degrees forward plow to a full box plow and every combination in between. In the box plow configuration an operator can push up to 6.1 cubic
yards of snow.
Combining the fully hydraulic independent wings with the ability to angle, the plow allows the operator to fit through the tightest areas with the
ability to capture up to 6.1 cubic yards of snow. Included with this brute of a snow plow is the Sno-Way Down Pressure hydraulic System which puts
an additional 250 lbs. of down pressure on the cutting edge at the push of a button.

Compared with any other plow on the market today, mounted on a one ton truck or larger the Revolution™ HD Series snow plow with our patented
Down Pressure hydraulic System can easily cut your plowing time in half.

No other plow on the planet provides this much control or this much flexibility in one package. Scraping, pushing, back dragging, scooping,
windrowing, moving, capturing, pushing and cleaning all with the ultimate in efficiency.

Specifications for the Revolution™ HD Series:
Width with wings fully extended 10 feet - Blade height 29 inches - 6 ribs - Cutting edge consists of 1/2 x 6 inch proprietary steel
Dual halogen lights - Drive in mount system - Weight 865 lbs.   Read More Specs >>

Match this plow with the optional Sno-Way Pro-Control II for wired or wireless control. The Sno-Way Pro-Control II provides the plow operator
with three Macro controls giving the skilled operator a memory function that can be set for any repeated operations.

The Revolution™ HD Series snow plow as well as the entire Sno-Way line of truck snow plows and salt spreaders are available at the Bison Fleet
Complex located at: 1615 William St • Buffalo, NY • 14206 • Phone: (716) 894-5799


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