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Heavy Duty Municipal Snow Plows and Removal Equipment for Buffalo • Erie County • Western New York
Custom Snow Plows | Snow Blowers | Wings & Wing Systems & Hitches & More

Wausau Municipal Snow Plows and Snow Removal Equipment Buffalo NY
Select from our innovative, top quality snow plows, hitches, wings, underbody scrapers, and snow blowers.
Wausau products are designed and manufactured for maximum performance and dependability in even the most severe weather conditions.

AT Reversible
Municipal Snow Plow

Municipal Snow Plow

EX 'Expressway'
Municipal Snow Plow

Homesafe Reversible
Municipal Snow Plow

MF Series-Street Smart
Municipal Snow Plows

Reversible full trip moldboard
with 3 position cutting edge
Municipal Snow Plow


Torsion Spring Trip Edge Reversible Steel Municipal Snow Plow


High speed casting left or right, trip mold board plow with shear bars to hold moldboard rigid


A Torsion spring trip edge Municipal plow available with Steel
or Polyethylene moldboard


This 4 section plow creates less truck damage and driver fatigue

RB "Drott"
Municipal Snow Plow

R Series
Municipal Snow Plow

Sno Bare™
Municipal Snow Plow

Wave™ One Way
Municipal Snow Plow

Model 'TB'
Municipal Snow Plow

Extension spring trip moldboard
municipal snow plow with single
cylinder reversing mechanism


Municipal Snow Plow with Road
tough full trip moldboard and
compression trip springs


Medium duty polyethylene trip edge plow ideal for 6,000-9,000 lbs. front axle trucks


One way high speed slotted trip with fixed angle municipal
Snow Plow


One way full trip moldboard with
compression trip springs

Homesafe OneWay
Municipal Snow Plow

V & K  Municipal Snow Plow

PWP Series
Municipal Snow plow

PW Series
Municipal Snow Plow

Space Patrol™
Municipal Snow Plow

One way torsion spring trip edge municipal snow plow available with fixed, hydraulic or manual angling


Municipal v-Plow with contoured
moldboard for opening drifted
roads or for high speed casting


A Polyethylene moldboard wing
system with trip cutting edge
design for highways and



Winged municipal snow plow with
rigid or trip edge spring cushion
wing for additional clearing width


Patrol or benching wings-rigid or trip edge available

SPB "Pork Belly"
Under Body Scraper

Under Body Scraper

Truck Mount Snow Blower

Truck Mount Snow Blower

Truck Mount Snow Blower

The Pork Belly Model PB
Underbody Blade is built to scrape


Designed so that Light, medium, or heavy pressure is applied
to the blade.


DF Series truck mount snow
blower with a two stage ribbon type mechanical drives


A Two stage ribbon type truck mounted snow blower


A Two stage 3 auger type snow
blower for conventional
4x4 chassis

LR-44 Blower
Loader Mount Snow Blower

MP-318 Series
Loader Mount Snow Blower

MP Series
Loader Mount Snow Blower

WK Series
Loader Mount Snow Blower

SQH Series Hitch

Two stage self contained ribbon
type loader mount snow blower-
Sized for 4-5 cubic yard loaders



Two stage self contained auger
type snow blower-Sized for 4-5
cubic yard loaders


Two stage auger type hydro-
mechanical driven snow blower.
Sized for 3 to 3.5 cubic yard


Two stage auger type hydro-mechanical driven snow blower.
Sized for 2 to 2.5 cubic yard loaders


SQH quick hitch system leaves
only flat plate on front of truck
when plow is disconnected

PT Hitch

Sno Bare™ Hitch

225C Hitch



Hitch allows power tilt of hitch &
wing posts using lift cylinder for
tilt hood trucks


Medium duty polyethylene trip
edge plow ideal for 6,000-9,000
lbs. front axle trucks


Low mount hitch with
fold down lift arm







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