Article:  Expandable Wing Box Snow Plow

Recent innovations in plow designs have resulted in what some may refer to as the hybrid of the straight plow and the snow pusher plow or
box plow. Versatility wise, an expandable wing pusher plow is quite possibly one of the most versatile plows available with up to seven configurations to choose from.  Example >>

A great example of this is available in Buffalo, NY at Bison Snow Plows and it is the Sno-Way Revolution™ HD Series snow plow.
When shopping for a plow as uniquely variable as the expandable wing box plow, manufacturing quality is of paramount importance.
Again, when looking at snow plows for sale in Buffalo, NY, you need a dealer that stands behind all of their product lines the way the team
at Bison Snow Plows does. 

While most other expandable wing snow plows have wings that will deploy out and forward to 20 degrees, the Sno-Way Revolution™ HD Series
snow plow will expand to the standard 20 degrees forward position - But in addition will also move to 90 degrees forward from the blade
surface forming a slightly smaller, more maneuverable version of a pusher plow.


With the wings in, an expandable wing snow plow rides on the truck just like a standard full size straight blade plow and operates with the same
maneuverability in those tight spaces. However, with the wings out, it is a 10 foot wide straight blade or wings 20 degrees forward for
enhanced snow moving ability across larger spaces. Learn More >>

With wings full forward it is a truck mounted mini pusher plow that is capable of holding more snow than a standard V-plow, making it a good
compromise between a front loader mounted pusher plow and a standard snow plow.

As this plow is more of a pusher plow than a V-plow is, it leaves less of a windrow, meaning fewer passes and less clean up time spent at each job.

In a word: Cost. This type of plow carries a bigger price tag. Snow removal is hard on the equipment and with more moving parts comes more maintenance. Again, you need a solid snowplow sales dealer and service team. In Buffalo and Western NY that’s Bison Snow Plows.

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Bison Snow Plows is located in the Bison Fleet Complex at:

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