Article:  The Expandable Wing Snow Plow

When you have big jobs to take care of that have wide open spaces connected by narrower driveways you might consider looking into an
expandable wing plow.  This type of plow allows the contractor to drive to the job with an 8 foot plow on the truck that will expand into a 10 foot plow at the push of a button.

The expandable wing snow plow gives the operator the flexibility of an 8 foot snow plow for maneuvering in tighter spaces and the option of
spreading out for clearing those big surfaces.

Like any investment, always look to a reputable snow plow sales dealer and due to its larger size, when you are looking to purchase an expandable wing snow plow, it is advisable to buy one that is durably made. Learn More >>

Bison Snow Plows offer a comprehensive assortment of snow plows from residential to commercial and even municipal snow removal and ice
management equipment.


Maneuvering around the work area and from property to property is not a problem. At 8 feet wide with the wings retracted, it is a standard
straight plow. With the wings out you have 25% more plowing surface than a standard straight blade plow so more area is cleared with
every pass. See an Example >>

The expandable wing plows provide greater flexibility mounted on a single truck. An 8 foot plow is a great match for residential driveways
but for contractors who also have larger areas to clear, an expandable wing plow can be a very good fit.

In a Word: Cost. Expandable wing snow plows are higher in price than a standard straight blade snow plow. The expandable wing snow plow
does not have the multiple configurations of the V-Plow or the snow pushing ability of the box plow.

We all know about the kind of weather conditions snow plows work in. Expandable wings mean moving parts and moving parts will have to be
serviced at some time, which is another reason to buy a quality snow plow from a snow plow dealer that stands behind their products.
In Buffalo and Western NY that’s Bison Snow Plows.

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