Authorized SnowDogg® HD75 II Full Trip Snow Plow Dealer in Buffalo NY
The SnowDogg HD75 II Full Trip, Straight Blade Snow Plow in Buffalo NY gives contractors a commercial-grade snow plow that
has been weight-optimized to work with smaller trucks. A new Floating A-Frame™, increased ground
clearance and a fast mounting experience are a few highlights of the HD75 II.



• Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel moldboard with 3/8 in. cutting edge.

• Get an even scrape and even edge wear with the tubular steel Floating A-Frame™

• Enjoy 20% more ground clearance than previous HD models.

• Mount and dismount reliably and quickly with the all new QuickMount II™.

• Stack high, and lift fast with a municipal-style single chain lift arm.

• Fleet interchangeability with all prior HD, EX, TE, CM, and XP plows.

• Clear with speed and agility using the 70º attack angle and 1-1/2 inch angle cylinders.

• Fully enclosed 2 HP power/hydraulic unit with full size SAE standard cartridge valves, 3/8 in. rubber
   hoses, and integral valve manifold, or opt to use your truck’s central hydraulics.

• Cut through the dark with powerful dual-beam halogen plow lights with secure double post mounts.

• Ergonomic, backlit control is easy to use with gloves on.

• Get the value you deserve with standard shock kit, cast shoes, snow deflector, and blade guides.

The SnowDogg HD75 II Snow Plow gives contractors a commercial-grade snow plow that has been weight-optimized to work with smaller trucks. A new Floating A-Frame™, increased ground clearance, and a fast mounting experience are a few highlights of the HD75 II.

Floating A-Frame™
The new tubular steel Floating A-Frame features a sliding-pin connection. This makes the snow plow less sensitive to mount height, and easy to align. The sliding-pin connection lets The snow plow contour the road for a clean clear, and helps avoid uneven edge wear. Not to mention, the design increases ground clearance 20% over previous models.

QuickMount II™
No need for a plow jack with the QuickMount II. The snow plow's integrated swing-down feet are independently actuated and height adjustable, for easy mounting and dismounting even on rugged terrain. With the QuickMount II just drive into position, push on SnowDogg light bar, attach the electrical and safety pins, and kick up the stands.

Why change what works? The HD75 II features a signature 304 stainless steel SnowDogg moldboard with nine 3/16 in. laser-cut steel ribs. A full-length 2 in. cross tube and a heavy duty bottom channel spread ensure impact is spread across the entire plow to protect vital connection points. An aggressive 70° attack angle along with a standard 3/8 in. cutting edge provide excellent scrapping action. All steel components are primed and powder-coated on site to ensure the highest quality.

Trip Action, Lift and Angling Cylinders
Four stress-optimized trip springs provide 40º of full moldboard trip action to help protect your equipment from hidden curbs or rocks. The new municipal style lift arm, chain, and cylinder allow for higher lift at a faster pace, and easy adjustments. The snow plow's oversize angle cylinders produce powerful, fast, and agile angling.

The Full Package
Buyers Products continues to raise the industry bar for quality and value. The fully enclosed 2HP, DC-powered hydraulic unit comes equipped with SAE standard cartridge valves and hefty 3/8 in. rubber hoses. A shock kit, “gloves-on” in-cab backlit controller, poly snow deflector, cast plow shoes, and dual-beam halogen plow lights come standard on the HD75 II. Plus, there is complete fleet interchangeability and backwards compatibility with all other HD, EX, TE, CM, and XP Series plows.

Product Common Use: 3/4 Ton Trucks with plow prep, 1 Ton Trucks (and up)

Plow Type Straight Blade Electrical Headlamp Rated Replaceable Micro-ISO Relays

Trip Style Full Trip Harnesses Separate Light and Hydraulic 4GA Power Wires

Moldboard Material 304 Stainless Steel Trip Springs 4

Moldboard Thickness 12 Ga Angle Cylinders 1 1/2 x 12  "

Blade Width 90 " Lift Cylinder 2 x 6 "

Angled Blade Width 78.0 " Mounting System QuickMount II™

Blade Height 29 " Stand Independent Swing Down Feet

Ribs 9 Min Order Qty 1

Cutting Edge 3/8 x 6  " Multiple Sale Qty 1

Plow Shoes Standard Product Code 920

Snow Deflector Contoured Poly Sell Pack Type Unit

Lights Dual Halogen Bulbs Shipping Weight 340.000


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