Article:  The Straight Blade Snow Plow

Depending on your application, a straight blade snow plow may work very well for you. If you are clearing driveways for yourself, friends,
family or even as a small business a 6 to 7 foot straight blade snow plow will certainly do the job.

Take for example the SnowDogg™ EX75 which has a a 6 foot (78” angled width) straight blade plow or the Sno-Way 22 Series Snow Plow that comes in two widths 5 & 6 foot (69” & 78” angled widths).

All three are great straight blade plows for driveway plowing or cleanup work around larger snow removal equipment such as a box or pusher plow.
The Sno-Way 22 Series can even be mounted on an SUV.

Of course if you are looking to service more customers or do larger jobs using a straight blade snow plow, a wider plow is preferred. With
more jobs on wider, longer driveways, parking lots or large parking areas, a snow plow of 8 feet in width is a very popular choice
for snow removal contractors.

Take for example the SnowDogg™ HD80 II or the Sno-Way 29THD Series Snow Plows. Both plows are 96” wide and are made for years of reliable
service in commercial applications and typically are mounted on 3/4 ton trucks and larger.

A great number of contractors looking to purchase a snow plow have invested in straight blade snow plows simply because they get the job done and have been around for a very long time.

In fact, the first snow plow was patented back in the 1840’s and according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, the first snow plow was
mounted on a cart and pulled through Milwaukee by a team of horses in 1862. So in the United States, snow plows have been around for
well over 150 years.


Pound for pound straight blade plows are probably the most cost effective snow plow you can buy, which is probably why so many contractors
own one or more of these plows.

A straight blade plow mounted on a pickup truck is a workhorse in snow removal. The straight blade works well for residential driveways
and is also good when supporting a large pusher or box plow.

Straight blade plows do not contain much snow at all. When plowing larger areas with a straight blade set at an angle, a ridge of snow
is typically left on one side of the plow edge. Known as a “windrow” this ridge grows with each subsequent pass.

And, plowing wide areas with the blade set straight will leave windrows on both sides. Either way, for larger areas the straight blade plow is
not an efficient snow handler as other configurations of plow.

In Buffalo and Western NY Bison Snow Plows offers a wide variety of snow plow and snow removal equipment including several sizes and
brands of the straight blade snow plow.

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