Article:  The Full Trip & Trip Edge Snow Plow

While the mechanics vary slightly from model to model, there are two basic types of trip snow plows, a full trip and a trip edge.
A trip system is an important element of a snow plow for protecting not only the plow but also the truck and its driver. Each type of trip plow
will react differently when hitting objects during snow removal.

On a snow plow fitted with a trip edge, only the edge of the snow plow will trip while on a full trip snow plow, the entire moldboard trips.
A trip snow plow incorporates a set of springs that are designed to trip the edge or the moldboard back to avoid damaging the plow or
truck when it encounters an obstacle in the plows path.

Generally speaking the best feature of trip edges is that they hardly ever false trip. The trip edge is designed not to trip when plowing snow,
only when striking an immovable object such as cracks in pavement or manhole covers.

Because of this, trip edges function well while applying down pressure producing a cleaner scrape. Should the edge trip, only the snow on the
edge comes off of the plow making for less cleanup work.

Because trip edges are harder to trip they can also be rougher on the plow, truck and driver when you hit something - and you will hit
something that does not want to move while you are plowing snow.

Trip edge snow plows are usually used together with some type of full down pressure system causing the plows cutting edge to wear faster. Any
obstacle higher than the trip edge will hit the snow plow's moldboard.

On a full trip the entire moldboard trips. This feature means that the full trip is not as tough on the plow, truck or driver and will trip on higher
obstacles. The cutting edge on a full trip plow typically last longer as most full trip plows are not equipped with a full down pressure system.

When the snow is hard packed or wet and heavy a full trip plow can false trip, a lot. Since the entire moldboard is tripped, it dumps the snow
that was on the blade and the driver has to make another pass or back up. In either case the blade must be reset and this takes time.

As a rule, full trip plows do not work well with full down pressure systems as the system would increase the amount of false trips. Because of
this, full trip snow plows do not scrape well due to the reduced downward pressure.

In Buffalo and Western NY Bison Snow Plows offers a wide variety of snow plow and snow removal equipment including several sizes and
brands of the full trip and trip edge snow plow.

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