Article:  The "V" or V-Blade Snow Plow

By the 1920’s a type of “fixed” V-plow had come into use predominately on municipal trucks. However, the first V-plows were not articulated
like the V-plows produced today.

Today’s V-plows make use of modern hydraulic control systems to place the blade in multiple positions for greater flexibility than the older
fixed V-plow snow plows or the modern straight snow plows.

A larger number of contractors have been giving the V-Plow snow plows a closer look when they go shopping for a new plow. While straight
blade snow plows are still the dominant snow plow for commercial contractors, the V-Plow is quickly gaining ground.

Recent statistics show that nearly 80% of contractors own a straight snow plow and about 40% own a V-Plow however the numbers of contractors
looking to purchase a straight plow versus V-Plows are now about even.

V-Plows have a greater flexibility to tackle a wider range of snow. They can work like a straight blade plow but a straight plow may not always
be the most efficient configuration for the conditions you find yourself plowing in. Weather and surface conditions can vary.

In Western NY wet snow can turn into frozen snow very quickly and this is where the V-Plow can really go to work. A properly configured
V-Plow can cut through the snow the way a heavy maul splits a piece of firewood making a path for windrowing. Example >>

In deep snow conditions many contractors find they work very well by opening a pass when in the V position.

In condominium and apartment complexes a little “creativity” may be required when space for snow to be pushed to is at a premium. Many
times in these complexes, buildings are close together and the snow needs to be accurately directed into tight spaces between several
buildings or even parked vehicles.

When the V-Plow is set to the “scoop” position it has the ability to push the snow and take it up over a snow bank. This configuration is
very helpful after a WNY lake effect snow storm and the snow stacks are getting bigger and higher. Example >>

A lot of contractors also find that when the plow is in the V position it is easier to maneuver when just driving because it has a narrower profile.
The most appreciated aspect of the V-Plow certainly has to be its versatility. With up six configurations you have more options on how
you move the snow from point A to point B.

Cost is top of the list and for straight residential driveways the benefit is minimal. Second is that it is not a box plow and will not “push” as
much volume of snow as a pusher / box plow will. Lastly, there is a learning curve only because the V-Plow is so very versatile.

You will need to learn how to take advantage of all that it is able to do. Fortunately for even a novice snow removal contractor it isn’t a
very steep learning curve.

In Buffalo and Western NY Bison Snow Plows offers a wide variety of snow plow and snow removal equipment including several sizes and
brands of the "V" or V-Blade snow plow.

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